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Available Now in TEN Languages

This is a story that everyone should read as we touch on topics of wildlife and vegetation conservation and climate change. The story takes place in the Land of Azar where magical creatures roam the land. These creatures can talk, fly, and have superior strength and magical powers. Azar exists on a different dimension then Earth. It has its own universe, star system, sun and planets.

It began 800 years ago, when Azar would get "Visitors" from other planets. Theodore the Great Owl, who is one of the wisest creatures on Azar, determined that there was a portal that would open to other worlds every 30 years and he could tell what day that visitor would arrive by the alignment of the stars. The portal would open for a visitor to come through and then re-open again in 9 days so the visitor may go back to where they came from.

Within the folds of this narrative lies a timeless lesson - the magic we seek is often found within our own hearts. With the help of the Azarians and the "Three Golden Rules," we can change the world to where our planet finds harmony once more. ❤️

Meet the Enchanting Cast of The Enlightenment!

Step into the world of Azar and meet its extraordinary inhabitants! From wise owls to brave warriors, each character plays a crucial role in the fight for harmony.

Meet the Cast

Why You Should Read?

Environmental Conservation

Learn about the importance of protecting our planet in a captivating and fantastical way.

The Power of Inner Magic

Discover how Tom unlocks his own potential and the magic that resides within us all.

Friendship & Unity

Witness the power of working together when facing seemingly impossible challenges.

Perfect for readers

Who enjoy fantastical adventures with heart and a message of hope.

The Author

Victoria Raikel is an author and a creator of majestic creatures. An animal and nature lover with a boundless imagination, Victoria's heart beats for conservation. Fueled by wanderlust and a love for all things magical, she crafts stories that inspire a deep appreciation for our planet and the extraordinary beings that inhabit it.