The Wuzzly

The Wuzzly-cover

The Wuzzlies are adorable creatures that stand 4 Ft Tall. They have little eyes, ears, noses, and mouths. They also have long, skinny arms with small hands that hang down on the sides and long, skinny legs with tiny feet. They have very long, lush, black, adorable eyelashes that batted at creatures or visitors whenever they were in trouble or wanted something. They roll and bounce at very high speeds by retracting their hands and feet then forming white balls of fur.  They've been clocked at 200 mph in the flower fields of Azar, but Azarians have seen them go much faster! If you ever see a white ball of fur coming at you, please get out of the way as it may be a WUZZLY!

The Wuzzlies live in the flower fields near Jane Peacock's residence on the Planet of Azar.  They are one of the many cool characters in my upcoming novel – “The Enlightenment – A Magical Tale.”  Coming out in July 2024!