About The Enlightenment - A Magical Tale

About The Enlightenment -         A Magical Tale-cover

This is a story that beckons to be explored as we touch on topics of wildlife and vegetation conservation and climate change.  Join Tom as he confronts the imminent destruction of Earth, for within the folds of this narrative lies a timeless lesson – the magic we seek is often found within our own hearts. With the help of the Azarians and the “Three Golden Rules," we can change the world to where our planet finds harmony once more.



Hello, my name is Emilie, and I am here to tell you a story that involves magic; beautiful, mysterious creatures from the land and sea; and saving your world—that is, the human world, Earth.

This is a story that everyone should read. It tells of how only nine days and one person can change your world into a better place. And, I ask you, if one person can make such a dramatic change for the better, can you imagine what ten, one hundred, or one thousand people could do? I mean, I was told you had about eight billion humans on Earth, so surely your planet could produce ten people like Tom.

Who is Tom? you ask. And what did he do that was so great?

Well, you must read on to find out!

The story takes place in the magical land of Azar. Azar exists on a different dimension than your world. Azar has its own universe, star system, moon, sun, and planets. No one knows how long it has been in existence, but I am 9,737 years old, and there are other creatures that are much older. Many different creatures live on Azar. They can talk and fly, and they have superior strength and magical powers.

Now, about me. I am a pixie with beautiful blue, iridescent wings. I’m highly intelligent and have magical powers that would blow your mind. My friends tell me that I’m very strong because I can lift two giant dragons above my head with one hand and throw them a couple miles away, which they seem to like very much.

My interest in your planet Earth all began around eight hundred years ago, when we started getting “visitors” from other planets. They would appear out of nowhere, and we would see them walking in the forests or on the beaches. Theodore the Owl, who is one of our wisest creatures on Azar, determined that there was a portal that would open to other worlds a few times a century, and he could tell what day a visitor would arrive by the alignment of the stars. The portal would open for a visitor to come through and then re-open again in nine days so the visitor could go back to where they’d come from. At first, this happened every thirty years, but for the past four hundred years, it has been occurring more frequently. Theodore does not know why this phenomenon happens, but he is a very smart owl, and he will find the reason why.

So, all of us Azarians have adapted to visitors from other worlds, and sometimes it’s great getting to know different cultures and customs, but sometimes it can be very troublesome.

In a couple days, we will have a visitor from another world and here is where the story begins….