We are launching our site very soon.

We are launching our site very soon.-cover

If you love a great story, you’re in luck! Victoria is excited to announce the launch of her new website, Fantastical Tales. Her goal is to captivate children’s imaginations by providing them with stories of wonder, mystery, and delight.

Victoria focuses on crafting children’s books that tell magical tales of discovery and adventure. She believes that children should be able to explore the world around them through a variety of mediums and finds her work to be a great way to nurture their curiosity.


In addition to the books themselves, Victoria also offers an array of fantasy sets. These sets provide children with the chance to act out their own stories and recreate the adventures within the books. They can become a warrior as they battle a troublesome dragon, or a leader as they save their village from a dangerous threat. No matter what adventures they set off on, the possibilities are endless.

Reading is a wonderful way to open the door to discovery and knowledge, and Victoria is passionate about providing children with all they need to explore those possibilities, including a Weekly Newsletter which features snippets of her stories, activities, and crafts. There’s something new each week to spark the imagination and create an exciting journey of discovery.

So, if you want to delight a young one in your life, or if you’re just an enthusiast of children’s literature, be sure to check out Victoria’s website and take advantage of this amazing opportunity. There’s something for everyone, full of excitement and wonder.