Azar Beckons: A World of Wonder Where Magic Meets Destiny

Azar Beckons: A World of Wonder Where Magic Meets Destiny

Ever felt like you don't quite belong, that your world is missing a touch of...magic? That's exactly how Tom, a seemingly ordinary guy from our Earth, feels when he's suddenly swept into the fantastical realm of Azar.

Get ready to enter a world where mermaids sing beneath crystal waves, dragons guard ancient secrets, and a mischievous cat might just hold the key to the universe…

Meet the Cast of Enchantment:

✔️ Oriana: A siren queen whose beauty conceals a wisdom as deep as the ocean itself.

Oriana - Queen of Meridian
Oriana, the queen of the kingdom of Meridian, was known far and wide for her breathtaking beauty and her mesmerizing voice that could enchant even the most hardened of hearts. As queen, she ruled with grace and wisdom, leading her people and overseeing the waters of Meridian to keep them

✔️ Bakari: An Emperor Cat with a playful spirit and a penchant for uncovering secrets in the shadows.

Bakari -The Emperor Cat
ALL HAIL THE EMPEROR! Meet Bakari the Emperor Cat. Residence: Black Castle on Pinnacle Mountain, Planet Azar, Utopian Galaxy. Loves to eat magic strawberries. Favorite place in the Universe – his castle! Bakari is one of the many cool characters in my upcoming novel – “The Enlightenment – A Magical Tale.” Coming out

✔️ The Blue Dolphins: Guardians of the deep, their playful dances hold the power to calm storms and awaken ancient magic.

The Blue Dolphins - Kingdom of Meridien
The BLUE Dolphins and I in paradise. The Blue Dolphins can be seen riding the waters with the Mermaids of Meridien. Together they gracefully navigate the crystalline waters of the Azarian Sea and embody the essence of beauty and wonder that defines the magical world of Azar. The BLUE Dolphins

✔️ Dracodian Dragon: A creature of fire and wisdom, his guidance could lead to salvation or destruction.

Dracodian The Dragon & Me
One of my favorite Dragons in the World! Meet Dracodian or “Cody” for short. He’s famous for the “D” Bomb maneuver, aka the Dragon Bomb, where he loops around, gradually picking up speed, then shoots straight up at full throttle and gone in a blink of an eye. If

✔️ Emilie the Pixie: Her laughter carries a spark of pure joy, but is there more to her mischievous nature that meets the eye.

Emilie the Pixie
Looks can be deceiving in the case of Emilie as one of her favorite things to do on Azar is throwing gigantic Dragons at staggering distances for fun! She also speaks around 10,000 different languages and can communicate with almost anyone or anything in the Universe. You can see

✔️ Ziggy Wuzzly: A guitarist whose melodies weave a tapestry of hope and resilience.

Ziggy Wuzzly - Guitarist
Ziggy is famous for his skills on the electric guitar. He plays every Friday night in downtown Dragonia with the famous Baby Dragons. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, drop by “The Monet” and watch Ziggy and the Azarians get down! 0:00 /0:10 1× The Wuzzlies are

✔️ The Wuzzly: A whirlwind of chaos and energy, this mischievous creature brings unexpected twists and turns.

The Wuzzly
The Wuzzlies are adorable creatures that stand 4 Ft Tall. They have little eyes, ears, noses, and mouths. They also have long, skinny arms with small hands that hang down on the sides and long, skinny legs with tiny feet. They have very long, lush, black, adorable eyelashes that batted

✔️ The Mermaid: Her haunting songs echo through the depths, carrying secrets of the sea's ancient magic.

✔️ Baby Dragons: These fiery hatchlings represent the future of their kind.

Let’s Play Ball!!
Jimmy (L), Draco (M) and Winston (R) are the Baby Dragons of Azar! These Baby Dragons love all kinds of sports, especially soccer. Watch out for Draco because he can kick a goal a mile away! But don’t forget the Wuzzlies.......they got some skills too - check this out

& many more…!

Your Journey to Azar Begins Soon...

In "The Enlightenment," Tom's adventure in Azar will test his courage, ignite his imagination, and challenge everything he thought he knew about the world. But the stakes are even higher than he realizes – the fate of our own Earth may be connected to this hidden realm in ways he never could have imagined.

Ready to embark on this epic quest?

Mark your calendars! "The Enlightenment" will be available in June 2024 in TEN different languages.

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